A common problem that is called into the CRC centers around manual ADM events, and the dates that are used on them.  Sometimes, what will happen is that a benefits administrator will create an ADM event in response to a Job Data change.  After the ADM event is finalized, another Job Data change takes place with the same effective date.  If the benefits administrator tries to enter a second ADM event with the same date, the system will not allow it.  The system will only allow for one type of manual event per effective date.


In this scenario, if a Job Data record has changes made on the same effective date, such as what would be done using Correct History, the benefits administrator can use the same ADM event.  The event can be reassigned via On Demand Event Maintenance, and once it reenters that Assigned status, it should reflect the changes to eligibility that were effected in Job Data.  From there, elections can be made, and the event can be finalized.