If any Ben Admin event is ever finalized by mistake, or if an event was processed with the wrong date, Ben Admin allows users to void that event.  When an event is voided, it is as if it never happened -- any changes made by the event are rolled back.  This can be handy if a hire date changes in Job Data, or if a manual event was entered with an incorrect event date.  The basic steps to void an event are to go to On Demand Event Maintenance, ensure that all pending events have been addressed, click the Event Status Update button, and locate the event that needs to be voided.  Once it is found, set the Process drop-down to Assign Benefit Program, and the Event Status drop-down to Open for Processing.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click OK.  Once you are back in the On-Demand Event Maintenance screen set the Process Indicator at the bottom of the screen to Void, then click the Reprocess button.  When you receive the dialog saying that the Process Completed Successfully, the event has been voided.