Keep in mind that, whenever an employee's benefits change, there almost always is a corresponding change that must be made to the deduction overrides for that employee's benefit deductions.  The navigation to the deduction override screen is: Main Menu > SDCOE Custom > Payroll > Processes > Override Deductions (Employee).  


If an employee is enrolling in a benefit for the first time, new rows can be added for the plan type(s) in which the employee is enrolling.


If an employee changes from one carrier to another, such as what would happen during open enrollment, the deduction overrides should be reviewed and corrected as necessary to ensure the new Benefit Plan is reflected.


Be aware of the Ded Class (deduction class).  If a new enrollment is being entered, be sure to add a row for both the employee and employer portions, if they apply.  Also be aware of the possible need to add a third row for the taxable portion of basic life enrollments where the coverage exceeds $50,000.  


Ensure that the proper months are checked/unchecked.