Effective dates are critical when it comes to HR data in PeopleSoft.  It is important that the effective dates match across certain screens, but not every screen.  Here are some brief ideas for best practices with effective dates:


Allow a cushion between the effective dates on Position Data and Job Data.  Job Data allows for multiple rows on the same effective date with the use of an effective sequence number, but Position Data only has an effective date.  Because of that, the effective date on the position should be before the Job effective date.


When a new hire is entered, the effective date on the Time Reporter Data must match the effective date on the Job Data row.  Be aware that when the Time Reporter Data screen is visited as part of the new hire process, the effective date defaults to the current date.  Change it as necessary.


When entering a new hire's personal data, the effective date must be on or before the start date on Job Data.