Currently, there are a few different ways to go about completing a salary update.


The basic steps are as follows:

- Run a query to retrieve existing salary data and download the results into Excel

- Update the salary data in PeopleSoft, either manually or by having MITI upload the data via Excel-to-CI

- Update the impacted employees' Job Data records, either manually, or by having MITI run a mass update

-Audit at every step of the way.


The CRC provides a guide for salary administration.  Here is a link to the guide: PeopleSoft Human Resources (HR1): Salary Administration


The extent of the salary update may determine the method chosen.  If the salary update only impacts a few plans, or a relatively small number of employees, it may be more expedient to do the update manually.  If the update has a larger scale in terms of the number of plans, impacted employees, or both, contact the CRC for more information.


Regardless of the chosen method, it is critical to audit the data at every step, particularly if an automated load is being done.  Errors found during audits are much easier to address than they are after being loaded into PeopleSoft.