Do NOT Navigate to Timesheet Using My Favorites

You cannot navigate to the Timesheet screen using My Favorites.  If you do so, the system will either display a pop-up window containing a technical computer programming message or you will see the Timesheet screen displayed with Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.  If this happens click Timesheet in the breadcrumbs displayed on the screen to refresh the Timesheet screen.  You can access the Timesheet screen from Recently Used.


Daily Time for Monthly Positions

If you are paying daily time or units worked on the Timesheet screen using the DAILY Time Reporting Code (TRC) against a monthly position you must enter the pay rate in the Override Rate field.  This is especially true for certificated employees.  If the rate is not overridden the system will pay them the additional days at the classified hourly rate, not at their actual daily rate.